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    Collection of authentic pine and oak wood furniture which will enhances your place with an elegant style and look.

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    Our product made from the wood which came from sustainable renewable sources. It is extraordinary versatile, naturally renewable, beautiful, light and strong to build with- warm and welcoming to live with.

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    We are proud to be a partner of industry’s best distribution company BJS TWO-MAN HOME DELIVERY which is highly recommended for their customer satisfaction. Find out more.



Why Us?

We know that there are many other big and small market players from where you can order furniture online. However, we do a little more than that:

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    We let you select the furniture according to your specific needs from our selection which gives you the liberty to play around with varied designs that delight you and your family.

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    Reasonable pricing

    As we source furniture to your specific order in our in-house facility and directly deliver it to your home without maintaining any inventory, our prices are lower than the market.

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    Expert delivery team at your doorstep

    We ensure that deliveries from our warehouse to your doorstep reach as per your convenient time.